All Ohio Shop Hop

Silk Road Textiles is Excited to be Part of the Inaugural All Ohio Shop Hop!

The event runs August 1 through September 30, 2023, and will bring together sewing and quilting enthusiasts from across Ohio and neighboring states. Each participating store offers fun give-aways. Participants have their passport stamped at each store they visit to qualify for additional prizes. Click here for An Insider’s Tips for Shop Hopping and check out these Frequently Asked Questions. 

Be sure to stop in for one or more of our exclusive hand-dyed Malaysian Batik Quilt Blocks designed by Zie with Turtle Hand Batiks!




Why Hop?  Learn, Enjoy and Give Back


Shop Hopper with tote made from AOSH fabric

Many of us have our “own” store; hopefully it's Silk Road Textiles. A place that’s convenient, familiar, and that carries the stuff we like. But there is a whole world of new and different fabrics, notions, equipment, and personalities you’re missing out if you don’t occasionally branch out. A shop hop provides quilters with a specific plan to do just that. 

In a day when brick & mortar retail locations are dwindling across the nation, a Shop Hop works to promote and support quilting and sewing stores, so we can touch and feel the fabric in person for a long time to come. Most quilters “get this” and understand how important it is to support these places if we want them available in our communities.

For Shop Hoppers, it is also about making memories. Many quilters hop together with friends or family. They’re not just shopping; they’re making memories as they travel around an area together. They not only get to see and enjoy sewing stores, they also enjoy traveling through large and small towns, discovering parts of their home (or a new place) they’ve never visited before.

The towns and cities that hoppers travel through also offer many treasures along the way. Small town main streets, like The Avenue here in College Hill, still exist and can evoke many fond memories of years ago. Shop hopping can also support these small businesses as hoppers take a break to enjoy lunch or dinner at an independent restaurant, or someone along for the ride visits the local jewelry store, coffee shop, or boutique while hoppers are visiting a sewing store. 

Hops are also about other kinds of fun. Most offer some sort of reward for visiting the participating shops, like prizes or discounts. Will we offer prizes? You know we will! And of course you get to express your creative side when you return home to create something beautiful with the items you picked up along the route.

The first annual All Ohio Shop Hop is underway for the months of August & September 2023. This unique hop offers the opportunity to explore 61 participating stores across the state. 

Whether you hop to learn, enjoy, or give back, we hope that you’ll mark a few days on your calendar to explore the great state of Ohio and all that its sewing industry has to offer. To learn more, visit and join the Facebook Group www.Facebook/groups/AllOhioShopHop.