About Us

Silk Road Textiles is a premier retailer of fine fabrics and yarn from around the world!

Silk Road Textiles is a premier retailer of fine fabrics and yarn. We bring together ethically produced textiles and fibers from around the world and offer them to the local and international community of fiber artists. We support women owned businesses and companies that value the artisans and creators of the products being offered. 

We specialize in the the beautiful, the exotic, the unusual, and the fun. Silk Road Textiles inspires creativity, excitement, and learning – it is a space for artists and appreciators to experience colors, textures, sights, and sounds from the global market. Surprises await you!

Collage of African cotton prints in bright colors  Drop spindle and lime green roving  ArtYarns beaded silk


You will find inspiration in all our products: in the latest exciting prints from fabric designers for the Kaffe Fassett Collective and M&S Australian Textiles; in the luxurious colors and textures of Juniper Moon Farms and La Jolla yarns; in the resilient energy of fair trade companies like Turtle Hand Malaysian Batiks and Manos del Uruguay; and in the beautiful creations by local artisans that we proudly display in our gallery.

Silk Road Textiles also offers expertise–a staff with over 200 years of combined experience in every variety of fiber art, including quilting, knitting, weaving, crocheting, felting, dyes and pigments, and interior and fashion design. We provide a diverse series of classes for anyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. We look forward to contributing our artistic passions to the growing community of textile artists.

Thank you for visiting our website! We are constantly updating its pages and improving its components, so we appreciate your patience and feedback. We welcome any suggestions so that we may serve you more completely very soon.

Thank you for visiting Silk Road Textiles. We can’t wait to create something amazing with you.