Treasure Trunks

Silk Road Textiles Fabulous Fall Treasure Trunks!
On Sale October 1-10!  
So what are these mysterious lovelies? And how do you get one, two or more? Our Treasure Trunks are packed full of luxurious yarn, fantastic fabric, and sparkly trinkets that give you a full dose of inspiration and self love! Every jewel will be lovingly selected for you by your favorite Silk Road Textiles team members! The secret contents will be wrapped, secured and remain a surprise until you lift the lid!

  • Treasure Trunks will be for sale October 1-10, 2021, only.  Purchase in the shop, over the phone (513.541.3700) or on the SRT Online Marketplace, 
  • All Treasure Trunks are offered in limited quantities! 
  • When they are gone, they're gone! 
  • We recommend ordering early! 
  • Treasure Trunks will be shipped for delivery on or  before October 23, 2021. Treasure Trunks can also be picked up at SRT from October 21-31.
  • Treasure Trunks are full of surprises; items cannot be returned or exchanged. 
*and yes, we could just call them "Surprise Boxes," but why?  
Treasure Trunks sound much more glamorous and exciting! 

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