Owl O Ween Ornament by Buttermilk Basin

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These require minimal supplies and are quick & easy to make! 

4x5 in. piece of gold wool for moon and beak on owl, 1x1 in. piece of green wool for center of bow tie, 4.5x8 in. piece of black wool for owl body and ornament backing, 2.5x2.5 in. piece of orange wool for owl wings, 3x3.5 in. piece of black textured wool for owl wings, 1x2 in. piece of textured green wool for outer sections of bow tie, 1x2 in. piece of cream wool for owl eyes.

8 in. piece of black and cream twine, floss to match wool selection plus red and gold twisted tweed floss, black and tan twisted tweed floss, (2) 1/4" black buttons available from Buttermilk Basin, Soft Fuse 

Size: 4 X 5.25 in.